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Find My Horse Job was created three years ago as a connecting website between young riders and horse jobs. Since then, we’ve grown into serving equestrians of all ages around the world.

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Are you an employer that is tired of not finding the right employee, which wastes your time and money? Or, better yet, hire someone you think is going to be great, and they end up being lazy, late and NOT who you want around your horses… stop the cycle! We can find your perfect employee the FIRST time.. saving your time and money!

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  1. Ann on Reply

    This is probably a long shot but I desperately want to work and live on a horse ranch. I’ve ridden horses when I was younger but it’s been well over 10yrs since I’ve been on one. I currently am a stay at home mom of 3. My two oldest go to school and the baby stays home with me. I am fully willing to relocate but only to certain areas. I am willing to do anything, clean the stalls, brush and groom, I’d love to learn as much as possible. Would you be able to help me?

  2. Annie Kamphaus on Reply

    We have internships available!!! Please check out the internship page on our website! I believe the form page is down currently, you will have to copy the questions and email them to me to be considered! :-) Thank you and have a great day! Annie

  3. Jenni Kayser on Reply

    Hello, I am a recent Graduate of the University of Findlay. I am currently looking for a instructor and or barn manager position in a hunter/jumper facility.

    1. Sherman on Reply

      Please let us know if you are still in the Findlay/Toledo area and looking for management work on a farm. Tim and Tammy Sherman 419.283.3280

  4. Jill on Reply

    Looking for some one to help pitch in on care and exercising horses. I have two tenn walkers that are broke but have not been rode for two years. They r sweet loving horses. Very calm. There would be not money involved. Just horse fun.

  5. Natasha Twiet on Reply

    Hi im Natasha. But my friends call me Tasha. Horses are my life and barrel racing is my passion. I love all parts of being with horses. Notjust riding. But the care and needs of a horse as well

  6. Angela Sasso on Reply

    I am looking for a opportunity to work with horse in a verity of ways from mocking out stalls to exercising. I have a passion for horses, I would love the opportunity to work with horses, ride again. I am a dedicated, self motivated, hard working, dependable and ambitious young lady.

  7. Kelly Glaab on Reply

    My name is Kelly and I am a recent graduate of Otterbein University where I majored in Equine Business and Facility Management. I am moving to Columbus this Friday and have been diligently searching for a position working with horses. I am willing to start where needed if given the opportunity and hopefully earn the chance to learn and grow as an equine professional.

  8. William Estrada on Reply

    I’m more into the horse racing, and breeding facility environment. I can exercise horses, care for them full time, break colts and fillies, and clean the barn. I love to work with horses and people who have the same passion.

  9. merry smith on Reply

    I am a retired RN seeking work with horses -horses are my passion – I clean my own stalls and groomed my own horse- If their is a position -please contact239-628-0254

  10. Rebekah on Reply

    My name is Rebekah Edwards .I am looking for a horse job. I have been looking for a horse job a long time , I am most capable to do anything, I am an experienced rider and I want to work with horses. I have been working with horses ever since I was six and want get a job,I live Lawrenceville and I can’t go very far but, I want to know where you live if you want me to work for.

  11. mahmoud on Reply

    my name is mahmoud im looking for job i do live in italy but i want leave it for have good work and i see the animals and work with them as good from you work at the free life coz i do have so hard things happend to me in italy and i want removed it from m life to find work in anywhere and im ready to do anything in the work so if you like some one work and patint and calm no talk to much just look at him job and care about it you can told me if you want to me work in

  12. Bailey Willams on Reply

    My name is Bailey Williams, and I have at least 7 years of horse experience and I am capable of doing just about anything from training to tacking up and also barn work. I live in the Raleigh/ Durham area and I am 15 and still in school so its easier to wrk on weekends but during the week is fine to as long as its after school, If interested in me please email me at williamsbe@icloud.com

  13. adeel mughal on Reply

    hello every one
    i am looking for a full time groom job and after it i think one work is not full for life like now i am job less then wear i go that,s y i am bran lighting stable doors plumbar car oil changer and much more etc work i can because i think every single hard hands work is made for bouth two hands and its my choice to see the work and say in can or can,t some one come from out side for etc work and work then y i can,t bouth of us have equal hands and brain i just have to see and use like him next time hope some one can understand me hope some one will help or can give me full time groom job

  14. Muhammad adeel on Reply

    I am a job less groom I love to work in a stable as a stable hands labor I love to clean stables groom horses I konw littel bit about equine horse hospitality and I also know that one profashion is not inouph for all life that y with colification I am working from child hood in diffrent profashion not for money for taylent will help me all life thats y I am a bran lighting stables doors plumbar wood work clouring and littel bit more etc work because if my home lights are not working and my home need plumbar or etc work then frist I don.t have to wait because if wait it should be late and more I want to say about me but it.s going long as my life is not I am 29 my cell numbar is 009213312568307 hope I will get a stable hands job any wear out side of pakistan again

  15. Leigh Aiken, M.S. on Reply

    Hello, I’m Leigh Aiken. Throughout my life, I have been heavily involved in riding, training and showing horses. I am a certified trainer with PETA and give instruction to individuals who are cognitively challenged such as Autism, Asperger’s Syndrome, and Brain Injury. I sold my farm a year ago after my competition horse of 15 years had to be put down because of a brain tumor. I needed to take some time off and my ranch sold in one day. After some rest, I miss horses terribly because I used to deal with them 24/7. I have a Master’s Degree in Science in Rehabilitation Services and Counseling Psychology from Auburn University. My Undergraduate Degree is a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from College of Charleston. I was on the Equestrian team and we were second in the nation NCAA. I am trying to find a place that needs their horses ridden and would consider me using their horses in a program for people with special needs, as that is my specialty.
    Currently, I volunteer at the hospital two days a week, and would love to work with horses on the side part-time.
    Thank you for you consideration. 404-457-0452

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